Snowmobile Trail Report


Updated: 04/17/2014

Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Trails officially open December 1st and are groomed until March 31st. Please check this report during the season for trail condition reports across the UP!

Western Upper Peninsula - By County:

  • Gogebic County & Ontonagon County:
    •  Gogebic Range Trail Authority Trails:
    • Lake Gogebic: 
    • Watersmeet:
    • Ontonagon/Silver City/White Pine:
    • Bruce Crossing:
    • Twin Lakes/Greenland: (4/3) 36+" cover. Trails are in excellent condition but have not been groomed since 3/31. Little traffic and the trails stay in great shape.
  • Houghton County & Keweenaw County:
  • Baraga County: (3/27) The official last day of grooming is on Monday but until then we will be grooming what we can - all depends on the weather. Plenty of great riding left. Still some icy areas so be cautious. Groomers are out doing their thing at night.
    • Big Bay Trail #14: 16-24" base. Trails are in very good condition.
    • Alston Trail #15 to #8/15 to #109: 16-24" base. Trails are in very good condition.
    • Nestoria Trail #15 to #8: 16-24" base. Trail is in good condition. Some logging on this trail.
    • Chassell Trail #15 North: 16-24" base. Trail is in good condition.
    • L'Anse: (3/28) 16" base. Trails are groomed and in good to excellent condition.
    • Sidnaw: (4/1) Trails are closed.
  • Iron County:
    • Iron River: (4/1) Trails are closed.
    • Crystal Falls: (4/13) Closed for the season.

Central Upper Peninsula - By County

  • Marquette County:
    • Marquette:
    • Gwinn/Sawyer/Little Lake:
    • Crossroads:
    • Harvey:
    • Deerton:
    • Clowry:
    • Ishpeming:
    • Silver Lake:
    • Au Train:
    • Big Bay Trails: (4/15)  Many of our State Trails are on PRIVATE land and we ride them because of the GENEROSITY of the land owners. DON’T abuse the PRIVILEGE.
      Trail 14, Big Bay to Anderson’s: Closed.
      Trail 14, South From 310 to Marquette: Closed.
      Trail 14, Big Bay to Halfway: Closed.
      Trail 310 Alt, From Trail 5 to Trail 14: Closed.
  • Dickinson County: (4/1) Trails are closed due to private land ownership.
  • Menominee County: Trails are closed.
  • Alger County:
    • Munising:
    • Grand Marais: No grooming.
    • AuTrain: (4/4) Still riders out on the trails.
  • Delta County:
  • Schoolcraft County:
    • Seney:
    • Manistique:

Eastern Upper Peninsula - By County

  • Luce County:
    • Trail 9:
    • Trail 45:
    • South Trail 9/2 to Epoufette/Trout Lake:
  • Chippewa County:  
    • Sault Ste Marie: (4/2) Trails are still in good shape. Shoulders of roads will bare off as the sun continues to shine this late in March. The wind is still blowing and making drifts right after we groom.
      • Trail #8 - Brimley to Sault: 5-10" base. Trail is in excellent condition.
      • Trail #8 - Brimley to Raco: 5-12" base. Trail is in excellent condition.
      • Trail #8 - Raco to Naomikong: 8-16" base. Trail is in excellent condition.
      • Sault Ste Marie City Trail: Trails #497, #449 parts of #8 & #49: 4-9" base. Trail is in excellent condition.
      • Trail #49 - Sault to Kinross: 6-10" base. Trail is in excellent condition. When the trail is running along roads make sure you go with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road. All wet spots frozen. Drifts form quickly.
      • Trail #49, #494, #472 Kinross loop & South to Pickford: 5-10" base. Trail is in excellent condition.
      • Trail #480 & #472 Kinross to Raco/Rudyard: 4-10" base. Trail is in good to excellent condition. The trail has been groomed completely and the water hole has been fixed. Watch for deer!
      • The downtown trail: Is open, has been groomed and is marked.
    • Paradise: Alrighty folks, this is the last report for the season.....and what a season it was!!!! Snow wise that is. Business was really slow UP here this year cause of all the snow down below. If you remember I did a survey last January to see why nobody was coming UP. I got a good 35 responses from that survey and they all pretty much said there was enough snow down der to not warrant a trip UP. Well.....ya`ll missed out on some of the most awesome trails EVER!!! All season long I had to rate them as excellent.....cause they were!!! I talked to our local weather watcher/snow measurer guy, Bob E., this morning. As of today we have had 216.7 inches of snow. Thats 18.05 feet!!!! There is still 4-5 feet of snow in the woods. The official ridin season is over but it is still legal to go out an ride on the trails, they just can`t get groomed anymore this season. If you are thinking about coming UP for one last ride and need some advice, you can e-mail me and I`ll let ya know whats UP and if it would be worth your effort to get UP here. My personal e-mail is  You can use this e-mail for any comments or complaints I said, the trails are still in great shape. I think we`ll get a couple more good weeks of ridin in.....I`m goin a couple more times...are you? See you next season, Lord willing. Groomer Chris
    • Eckerman: Trails are closed.
    • Drummond Island: Trails are closed.
  • Mackinac County:
    • St Ignace:
    • Curtis: Trails are closed.
      • Trail 45 to Newberry:
      • Trail 2 to Gould City, Engadine & Naubinway:
      • Trail 43 to Germfask:
    • Les Cheneaux/Cedarville/Hessel: Trails are closed.