Michigan's Wild & Wonderful Upper Peninsula

Awaken your adventurous spirit in the Upper Peninsula, a place where every corner invites exploration and wonder. Since 1911, the Upper Peninsula Travel & Recreation Association has been your guide to this awe-inspiring destination. Our mission is to spark your wanderlust and provide all the tools you need to plan an extraordinary getaway. Uncover the U.P.’s hidden treasures and embark on an unforgettable journey to one of our nation’s most stunning natural havens.

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Discover the magic of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where an ever-changing landscape and boundless beauty await those who dare to wander!

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Stories across the U.P.

Events in the Upper Peninsula

From winter's frost to summer's glow, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula welcomes adventure in every season! Contact event coordinators for the most current information before setting out.

Regions of the U.P.

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