Thrill to Your Favorite Songs

Kirtlands Warbler - JD Phillips photo credit

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, each day presents a symphony of bird voices and chances to watch our winged performers on a “5-Star Wilderness®” stage.  Your birding experiences will naturally crescendo in mid-spring and early fall when thousands of migrating songbirds, birds of prey, shore and water birds traverse our skyways.  Bird watchers have observed nearly 400 different species, including Boreal Owls, Kirkland Warblers, loons and pileated woodpeckers across the U.P.’s wilderness mainland and islands so you can find favorites on your wild bird life list and add new ones, too.

This is a wonderful place to meet other birders, and if you’re new to birding, or are introducing bird watching to your children or grandchildren, we’ll help you with guided walks and classes. So come UP to hear (and see) the finest symphony we know. If we can help you plan how to listen to your favorite song list, contact us.