Schoolcraft County

Manistique East Breakwater Light

Like all of the U.P., Schoolcraft County has bragging rights to untamed shorelines, verdant forests and hundreds of inland waters. But only here can you hike, paddle or drive through the amazing Seney National Wildlife Refuge with its wildflowers, loons, black bear, eagles, moose and more.

Everyone needs to take more time to play and Schoolcraft County makes it so easy to enjoy family and friends. Located along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, the county stretches north past Indian Lake (the second-largest inland lake in the U.P.), almost to Lake Superior. From misty sunrise to constellation-glimmering night, this is a natural playground for the wave wader to the most avid outdoors enthusiast. 

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Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce
Manistique Tourist Council


lighthouse_1.gifManistique East Breakwater Light Station
Seul Choix Pointe Light House