Keweenaw County

Copper Harbor from atop Brockway Mountain

Some places defy words to describe them. Keweenaw County is one of those. As far north as you can go in Michigan, you’ll be rewarded for taking the time to get there with picturesque harbor towns, hauntingly rugged coastlines and stories of our copper mining past that invigorate your spirit. This place stays in your heart forever.

Keweenaw County, located at the northernmost tip of Michigan, is where Lake Superior and the earth live in breathtaking harmony. Since ancient times people have come here, drawn by the native copper
whose lure in the mid 1800s swelled the population by tens of thousands seeking their fortunes. You can relive memories of the Copper Rush in the county’s ghost towns, exhibits at Fort Wilkins Historic State Park or guided tours at the Delaware Mine in Delaware.

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Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau


lighthouse_1.gifCopper Harbor Front Range
Copper Harbor Light Station
Copper Harbor Rear Range
Eagle Harbor Light Station
Eagle Harbor Rear Range
Eagle River Light Station
Gull Rock Light Station
Isle Royale Light Station
Manitou Island Light Station
Mendota Light Station
Passage Island Light Station

Rock of Ages Light Station
Rock Harbor Light Station
Sand Hills Lighthouse Inn