Hiking in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is as close to an untamed wilderness as you will find in the contiguous United States. The trail systems let you explore the acres of land in your hiking boots that some visitors may never encounter while traveling the main roads. You’ll find more privacy than you generally find elsewhere thanks to lower traffic trails that bring you a truly peaceful hiking experience. Don’t worry though — you won’t have to sacrifice sightseeing and jaw dropping views!  

Here are our must-hikes: 

Spring hiking gifts you with fresh blossoms, singing birds and roaring waterfalls. Summer brings about lighthouse visits, a chance to interact with history and post-hike dips in the Great Lakes. Fall means the famous changing of the leaves. Seeing the peak fall colors in the Upper Peninsula is truly spectacular. Winter transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland. 

Make sure you are properly prepared for each hike no matter what season. This means bug spray for spring and summer, enough water to hydrate and snacks to energize, and bring your snowshoes or traction devices come winter. We get a lot of snow up here! 

No matter the season, an Upper Peninsula hike is more rewarding each step you take.