Snowmobile Trail Report


Updated: 02/21/2019

Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Trails officially open December 1st and are groomed (weather permitting) until March 31st. Please check this report during the season for trail condition reports across the UP!


Western Upper Peninsula - By County:

  • Gogebic County: Snow, snow, and more snow. We had gotten another 7.4 inches of snow again yesterday with more snow on its way Saturday night and Sunday. Temps for Friday and Saturday will be in the low 30’s with lows in the 20’s. Come up and ride with all our snow and great conditions. Trails over the whole system are very good. Doesn’t get any better than this!!!! Grooming is ongoing. If you see a groomer please pull over and let them pass.
    • Gogebic Range Trails (2/21): 36+" cover.
      • Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:  Very Good  was l last groomed 2/20/19. Please do not ride on sidewalks near Holiday and try to keep the noise down in town.
      • Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield: Very Good. Last groomed 2/21/19. PLEASE REMEBER TO CROSS US HWY 2 IN THE CORRECT LANE OF TRAVEL, DO NOT BLOCK HWY TURN LANES!
      • Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco: Very Good. Last groomed 2/21/19. This trail is a mix of twisty but wide forest roads (13mi) and 12mi of rail bed to Marenisco. This beautiful trail is 12 miles of unplowed wide logging roads that wind their way through the Gogebic Range Hills before running 10 miles of rail-trail to Marenisco. PLEASE STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS ON THE RAIL TRAIL! There is a significant logging presence on FR-8100 with dozens of log trucks hauling out daily. Last week an accident occurred with a log truck. Stop at the stop signs!!
      • Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula Crossing: Very Good. Last groomed 2/18/19.  
      • Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River(WI): Very Good. Last groomed 2/18/19.  This is their most scenic trail and a treat to ride! Stay on the trail in the farm fields. Over 25 landowners are involved to make this trail a reality, please respect them and ride responsibly.
      • Trail 11S Wakefield to Winchester, WI: Very Good . Last Groomed  2/21/19. It is groomed all the way to the WI line. This 17 mile long trail has 2 stop signs and is a wilderness tour. The southern 3 miles get thinner, but remains in good condition.
      • Trail 11N Wakefield, MI to South Boundary Rd: Closed indefinitely.  
    • Lake Gogebic (2/12) 36+  We’ve received a foot and a half of snow in the last week, and it looks like we are forecasted for about 12” today.     Jim says he feels like he’s living in a big snow globe.    He’s actually been out riding and reports that trails are in “beautiful” shape and it really could not get any better.    He was down at the South end of the lake on Monday and did mention that the only bad spot they encountered was on the 100 due to logging.    He also mentioned that he’s never seen the trails in the Watersmeet area look as great with the exception of a wet area 2 miles west of Watersmeet on Trail #2.
      • Trail 13 N & S: Good to very good. Groomed last night
      • Trail 1 N/Corridor 8: excellent condition.Groomed last night
      • Trail 102: very condition.
      • Trail 100: closed for logging this season
      • Trail 8 East: Excellent condition. Groomed last night
      • Trail 8 West: good to very condition
      • Trail 100 closed to logging this season
    • Watersmeet: (2/18) 30" base. We do have a wet area 25 miles west of Watersmeet on Trail #2 so please use caution
      • Trail 2 west of Watersmeet – Excellent with the exception of a wet area 25 miles west of Watersmeet on Trail #2 so please use caution
      • Trail 2 east of Watersmeet - Very Good Condition
      • Trail 13 south to Cisco Chain -Excellent condition
      • Trail 3 south to Land O’Lakes- Very Good condition. There is lots of traffic on this trail and it’s very hard to keep smooth, use caution on bridges
      • Trail 3 north to Paulding/Bond Falls/Bruce Crossing - Excellent condition
  • Ontonagon County
    • Ontonagon/Silver City/White Pine: (2/15) 36" base. Well, it’s amazing what happens when Mother Nature turns on the snow machine.  18-24″ of new snow and it’s not done! There is a 3′ snow drift on our back porch. We groomed every trail in our system last night except South Boundary Road (Trail 11N). We did have to put the detour back on Trail 1 on the long straightaway just South of Silver City. We have wide, fast running water and the ice bridge is failing. With 35MPH gusts off the big lake, I’m sure our trails are now all drifted over. It will take us a while to clear this and get the trail flat again. In the meanwhile, ride with caution and have fun playing in the snow! Can’t wait to see Y’all! Ride da 906!
      • Trail 1 Porcupine Mountains to Lake of the Clouds: South Boundary Rd to The Porkies Ski Hill is in very good condition.  Trail 1 to Lake of the Clouds is in excellent condition until you reach the last climb. With the grade of the hill, the continuous drifting snow and the large volume of traffic, we are doing our best to keep the moguls cut down. Please ride this hill with caution and stay right!!
      • South Boundary Rd. to trail 102:  This trail is in excellent condition. Trail 102 to Bergland is groomed by Gogebic Area Grooming. ***REMEMBER TRAIL 11 NORTH OUT OF WAKEFIELD IS CLOSED THIS SEASON THERE IS NO CONNECTION WITH TRAIL 11  AT THE FAR WESTERN END OF SOUTH BOUNDARY ROAD**
      • White Pine to Silver City: is in very good condition. We have one detour on the long straightaway about a 1/2 mile South of Silver City. There is wide, deep, running water here.  Please take the detour and do not attempt to ride through this! It is well marked and we are grooming the detour. There are a lot of deer crossing the trails in the Silver City area, please ride with caution.
      • Silver City to South Boundary Road (Trail 11 junction): (Trail 11 junction) is in good condition with the new snow. Please be respectful of the people who live along this stretch and stay on the trail and out of their yards.
      • South Boundary Rd to The Porkies Ski Hill:  good condition.
      • Trail 1/12 White Pine to 101: Along LP Walsh Road –   With the new snow, this trail was groomed today and is in good condition.  Stay on the trail in the low spots. We have built ice bridges to run over, and there is a lot of swamp and running water off the trail.
      • Trail 12 Ontonagon – Potato Farm Road: This trail is in good condition. 
      • Trail 101: It is in excellent condition and is being groomed tonight.
      • Trail 12 – 137 Ontonagon to Rockland: (the railroad grade between Ontonagon and Rockland) is in very good condition and is being groomed tonight.
      • Trail 12 Ontonagon – Greenland: This trail between Ontonagon and Greenland is in good condition and was groomed today. 
      •  Trail 13 – Trail 101 to Rockland: From Trail 101 to 137 is in good condition and is being groomed tonight.  The section between the river crossing and Trail 137 is in terrible shape. There is massive ATV damage but we should be able to fix it with this new snow now that we have two groomers running again to do the repair. It’s about a 1/2 mile of trail. We would recommend the alternate route below to and from Trail 137.  It is not being groomed right now. The section between Trail 137 and Rockland is being groomed tonight and it is good condition. DETOUR: If you are heading West out of Rockland. Take Trail 137 right (north) at the junction just West of town. Turn left onto Victora Road (West) (I believe it is the first stop sign you will come to.) This will take you right back to the trail at the river bridge which runs part of this road. If you are heading East to Rockland – stay on Victoria Road after you cross the river.  You will meet Trail 137 about a mile up the road. Turn right on Trail 137 and it will take you right back to 13.
    • Bruce Crossing: (2/20)  30" base. We are grooming every day. Lots of snow and more on the way. Trails are great! Please DO NOT climb the “Military Hill” from the highway, US 45, to the fence, we have ongoing erosion issues there and the hill climbers are adding to the problem.  YOU COULD CAUSE THIS MAJOR TRAIL TO BE CLOSED IF YOU CONTINUE! Watch for the groomers, they take up most of the trail and have the right of way! Please pull over and DIM your lights for them, they have a long night out there.  Remember, you can get off the trail, the groomer can not. Please ride on your own side of the trail and STOP at the stop signs!
      • ​Trail #3 North to Rockland: EXCELLENT on the south end and EXCELLENT on the north end.
      • Trail #8 from Ewen to trail #3 North: EXCELLENT
      • Trail #3/8 East from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 South intersection: VERY GOOD
      • Trail #3/8 West from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 North intersection: VERY GOOD
      • Trail 3 South from the railroad grade to the CC road: EXCELLENT
      • Trail #8 from the trail #3 South intersection to Trout Creek: EXCELLENT
      • Trail #8 from Trout Creek to Kenton: EXCELLENT 
      • Trail #8 from Kenton to Sidnaw: EXCELLENT
      • Trail #8/15 from Sidnaw to the trail #109 intersection: EXCELLENT
  • Houghton County & Keweenaw County: (2/21) 44" cover. Snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are in good to very good condition.  The groomers are out, so please watch for them.  They have the right of way. Trail 120 and 121 that goes around Freda is closed for the season and will not be reopened, as well as Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden.  You can still get to Dollar Bay by way of Hancock and to Lake Linden by way of Calumet.  Trail 133 is closed for the season for logging. 
      STAY OFF THE ICE, respect private property, do not drink and drive, and above all else, drive safely.  The signs on the trails are there for rider’s safety so please DO NOT remove or destroy them.
  • Baraga County: (2/21) Last night we got about 4-5" of fresh snow. All 3 machines should be out tonight grooming. Because of so much snow I would try to stay on on the trail so you don't get stuck. On trail 8 behind Alberta there is some logging activity so please use caution in this area. Its fluffy snow but it'll still help out with our winter activities.  Watch out for the corners to be icy.   Still use caution cause wet areas are still soft and watch out for snow drifts, water, rocks and icy areas on the trails.
    • Big Bay Trail #14: 8-20" base. Good to very good condition. Whole trail got done but there is alot of snow so it will take a few grooms to get it all packed . Corners are icy so please use caution.  Make sure you stop by Mt. Arvon which is Michigan's Highest Point.  
    • Alston Trail #15 to #8/15 to #109:8-12" base. Good condition. Beaver dam is fixed and the whole trail has been groomed.  The dam is past Silver Mountain turn about 5 miles going towards Alston, so use extreme caution.
    • Nestoria Trail #15 to #8: 8-12" base. Good to very good condition. Trail is looking good. logging on the power line this year so use caution 
    • Chassell Trail #15 North: 8-12" base. Fair. Groomer was not running right so could not get this trail done. Trail is in good shape with all this snow we've been getting.   
  • Iron County
    • Iron River: (2/19)  8" base. Trails are in Very Good to Excellent condition throughout the county. It has been a very long hard week for our groomer operators.  The groomer operators have been out for many long hours this passed week and half clearing and grooming trails after the ice storm plus at least a foot of new snow. If you see a groomer on the trail please be sure to thank them for all they have done!!  All trails are cleared and open now.  The groomers are back out on a normal schedule.  We have not had snow like this in years!!  Our trails are in the best condition we have had for a very long time!!  Our trails are in AWESOME condition.   More snow is predicted for Wednesday and again on Saturday of this week...  possibly up to another 10 - 12 inches in total. There will be logging on trail #15N to Sidnaw by lake St. Katherine and also on trail #111 to Amasa.  Please use caution on these trails!!
      Guess we can quit doing the snow dance so just get out there and enjoy our trails!!
    • Crystal Falls: (2/18) 10" base. All Trails have been groomed, and will be groomed on a regular basis. We were hit with a ice storm on Monday Feb. 4th. there are broken trees and tree limbs down all along our trail system. We are working hard to clean up this mess so please bear with us, and take caution along the routes. There is also a wet area on Trail #113 near Stager Lake Rd. Be careful in those areas. Trail #16 From Crystal to Iron River: Groomed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trail #16 From Crystal Falls To Sagola: Groomed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Trail #113 and Trail #2 From Crystal Falls South to The Brule River, then west to George Young Cut off: Groomed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Trail #111 and #18 from Crystal Falls to Amasa then east to Republic; Groomed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have lighted Trailhead parking and Port-a-Jons, at our Quanset Hut, located on M69 and trail #113 for your easy access to ride our trail system.

Central Upper Peninsula - By County

  • Marquette County:  
    • Moose Country: (2/15) 20+" base. Excellent Condition Cool weather and grooming regularly
    • Trenary North Trails: (2/19) We have snow! This year has been great for the trails! Our signs average 5'-6' on the post! Steve put down a great ribbon last night and the cold should have set it nice! More snow in the forecast for this week and don't forget about the Outhouse Classic this Saturday in Trenary! We hope to have snowmobile access to Trenary next season! Ride right and ride safe!
    • UP Central Trails: (2/21) excellent, last groomed 2/21
    • Big Bay Trails: (2/1) 
      • Big Bay to Anderson’s: Groomed and in good condition.
      • Big Bay to Moose Country Trails: groomed and in good condition
      • Big Bay to Marquette: Groomed and in good condition.
    Dickinson County: (2/14) 6" Base.   ur trails in Dickinson county are in Excellant condition. We have received close to 2 feet of snow in the last 2 wks..We got around 13 inches Tuesday.Grooming started again on Wed.Trail 5 from Fumee Junction up to the junction with trail 16 was done once,part of it twice.Then continuing onto 16 to the junction with 115 and around to trail 2.The remainder of trail 2 should be done tonight and the Cassidy on Friday.ENJOY ALL THE GLORIOUS SNOW!!  Remember-The Right Side Is Mine!!! 
  • Menominee County: (2/19) Trails are open, groomed and in very good condition. All the clubs are grooming. All clubs are putting in long hours in the groomers. Watch for groomers working out on the trails. They can be out day or night. Give them the right away. Get safely out of the way or off the trail until they pass or the driver signals you to pass by.
  • Alger County
    • Munising: (2/21) Very good condition – Overall trail conditions are  excellent with 6 inches of fresh blowing snow. Operators are reporting groomer friendly snow conditions, light traffic and perfect ribbons. Winter Storm brought something to work with and has created some drifting in the Trail 418 AuTrain area during and after grooming yesterday. Last night Keith, Terry and Dave did get the blade together for the new John Deere. Once Tom and Quest get the old John Deere 7130R fixed and moved today we can get that re-installed on the JD6175R. Trails 8 East to 7 miles north of Shingleton and 8 West, 7 North to Christmas and south to CR440, Trail 417 to Brownstone Intersection, Trail 418, Trail 419 East and West, Trail 422 and Wetmore Spur.
      • Trail 8 E - Excellent  - 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday night..
      •  Trail 8 W - Excellent. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday night.
      • Trail 7 South - Excellent . 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday.
      • Trail 7 North - Excellemt.6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday night.
      • Trail 419E (to Trail 8) – Excellent. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed multiple times daily. High traffic trail section so may get choppy between grooming runs.
      • Trail 419W (Munising-Christmas) – Excellent. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday.
      • Trail 418 (AuTrain) -  Very Good 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday. Watch for drifting near AuTrain..Ride with Caution just East of AuTrain along the Lake Superior shoreline. Large drifts in that area and the trail runs right along the AuTrain River.  
      • Trail 417 (Brownstone Jnct) - Very Good. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect Wednesday. May develop light chop with the new snow.
      • 422 - Miners Castle -  Very Good. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect to H-58 Wednesday night.
      • Wetmore Spur - Excellent. 6 inches of fresh blowing snow, groomed and set perfect to H-58 Wednesday night.  Use Caution in areas of steep side hill conditions near East end. 
    • Grand Marais: (2/21) Groomer Report: Went west tonight. Got probably 6-8 inches of snow. No more than 10 I think. Hard to tell out on the trail with all the wind. H58 is full of drifts. Drifted bad on the way out and back. One you leave H58 it gets a lot better. Stay safe. – Groomer Kevin. Did trails 8,88,443 on the south run this morning it groomed out really well from start to finish! Trails look great get out there and have some fun! As always stay safe! – Grommer Travis
  • Delta County: (2/20) 16" Base. Trails are in good to excellent condition. Trail #411 has been groomed several times now.  It goes from US 2 north to County Road 440.  Trail is in very good shape.  
  • Schoolcraft County:  (2/18) Trails took quite a beating over the weekend with all of the traffic we had plus we had two machines break down so grooming was at a minimal with only our club owned machine that we have to be careful with using too much.  We were able to get our New Holland tractor out on Trail 431 today and sent out our club groomer out on Trail 43/8 to try to fix as much as possible.  We are hoping to get a rental machine ASAP. 
    • Seney: (2/21) 8" base. HEAVY TRAFFIC!!! Stay Right! SLOW Down! With this new snow is adding to our bases, but the traffic on the trails is hampering set up of groomed snow. Moguls are developing in unusual places, please bear with us as scheduled grooming catches up.

      Manistique: (2/15) HEAVY TRAFFIC!!! Stay Right! SLOW Down! This new snow is adding to our bases.

      • 41: Great shape: some chop on bridge approaches with increased traffic. North of JackPine trailhead this chop can be exaggerated by the heavy traffic. Groomed 20 Feb.
      • 413: This transition trail(41 to 7) has narrow tight corners and the traffic can be hard on them. There are good bases on the overall trail, but corners can get “snirty” groomed 18 Feb, 19 Feb
      • 2West from Manistique: Good shape, traffic related deteriorating approaches at crossings, otherwise. Good. Groomed 18 Feb
      • 2 East: Traffic has been heavier than normal on this trail. Bases are improving with each groom. This segment has multiple grooming issues and elevated traffic effects each differently. Bear Creek Swamp remains frozen, tight and dry with the “Blaney Bypass” issue resolving soon. (DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ON THE SITE)
      • 421 Spur to Gulliver: Bases good, good trail conditions.
      • 7 Trail: South of Big Spring: South of Big Spring: some corners deteriorated from traffic with minor approach chop; otherwise Good. Groomed 20 Feb. Groomed 19 Feb,21 Feb.
      • North of Big Spring: Good with the minor approach chop at crossings and some corners near the 413 junction and the Forest Road Crossings. Groomed 19, 21. REMEMBER: SLOW DOWN, STAY RIGHT. WHEN YOU STOP, LOOK BOTH WAYS.

Eastern Upper Peninsula - By County

  • Luce County: (2/21) Forecast for this weekend is warmer temperatures and snow/rain for Sunday. REMEMBER: The groomers are on the trails too. Our club grooms 3 trails and two of them are long trails and we need to leave the barn in the afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00. 
                Trail 9:Good condition. Please watch for the dog sledders crossing this trail. The areas are marked..
    • Trail 45 Falls: Good condition. There is logging on this trail in 3 separate areas and the areas are well marked but watch out for logging trucks. 
    • Trail 9/2 to Epoufette/Trout Lake:Good condition. There is logging on this trail in 3 separate areas and the areas are well marked but watch out for logging trucks. 
  • Chippewa County
    • Sault: (2/14) All trails are in good to excellent condition and improve with each groom as the base gets better packed.  A bunch of new snow with drifting in open areas.
      • Trail #8 - Sault to Brimley: 3-6" base. Good to excellent condition
      • Trail #8 - Brimley to Raco: 307" base. Good to excellent condition. When going across the bridge in Brimley make sure you go with your the flow of traffic!  Blowing and drifting occurs when you first leave Brimley. Watch for trail change going south just before getting to Raco.
      • Raco to Naomikong Trail #8 [where Paradise meets us], Trail #8: Base  4 – 7  inches – Trail is in good to excellent Condition.  Trail change just east of Salt Pointe Rd.  Moved trail out of twisty section back to old straight route, about 2.5 miles.  Different trail just east of Raco going to M28
      • Sault Ste. Marie City Trail, Trails #497, #449, parts of #8 & #49: 2-6" base. Good condition. We now have a marked trail going to Chippewa Motors.  It starts once you come out of the woods east of M-129 off #449.  It comes into their parking lot from behind if you need parts or service. City curfew is from 1 am – 6 am. Remember most City streets are open to traffic 20 mph, stop at all intersections, and ride on the right hand side of street not on side walks. Watch for closed streets that are posted, mainly around the hospital, university, and state trunk lines.
      • Sault Ste. Marie to Kinross, Trail #49: 4-7" base. Good condition.  Make sure you follow reroute once you cross bridge going south at 7 Mile road .When the trail is running along roads make sure you go with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road.
      • Kinross loop & south to Pickford, Parts of Trail #49, #472, and #494: Base 2 – 6 inches – Trail in good Condition.   Watch for trucks on trail.
      • Kinross to Raco & Rudyard, Parts of trail #472 & #480: Base 2 – 6 inches – Trail in good to xcellent Condition. Watch for reroute signs just west of Kinross.
      • The Downtown Trail is open, signed, and snow is now on the bridge.  
    • Paradise: (2/20) 10 degrees this morning and cloudy. We are under a winter storm warning for later today and tonight. "They" are calling for 6-10 inches of snow for us...oooohhh boy!!! All trails are in EXCELLENT shape. It doesn`t get any better than this folks!!! If you haven`t made it UP here yet....just do it!! The temps are perfect, the trails are perfect....whatcha waiting for??? You`ll be the happiest little sledders ever!! See ya`s soon. What more can I say? LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Groomer Chris 
    • Eckerman: (2/11) 14" base. Trails are in good to excellent condition. CAUTION****CAUTION ***REMINDER: Groomer’s are big so you need to give them room to do their job. So Please give them the room, you can get off the trail they can’t.. If you hit the groomer we have to call the POLICE to have a report made out. So please move off the trail don’t try to squeeze by them. So again I want to stress we will call the POLICE.*** Loving all the new snow keep it coming!! We had to take care of a lot of down trees. Everyone please be careful. The trails still have a lot of limbs hanging over. Getting a light mist this morning. Hoping we don’t get another ice storm like a few days ago. The groomers will be going out again tonight.Falls trail #45 and said the same.I`m heading out today to hit the South trail #8. This trail is in the best shape I`ve seen it in years!!! Its gonna be a busy weekend so people please slow down and you still have to watch out for those pesky helmet slappers. We`ve got most of them cleared but they are still quite a few out have it. Its been a rough week but we are gettin `er done!!! On top of all this, we are supposed to get another storm around this Tuesday. "They" are saying just snow but a bunch of it. Bring it on Mother Nature......WE ARE YOOPER TOUGH!!!!! LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come on Mother Nature......lets see what else ya got!!!!! We are Yooper tough!!!!! Groomer Chris
    • Drummond Island: (2/17) 12" base. West and East end are both equally awesome! Wow! We have tons of snow & our trails are awesome! If you have been putting off coming to the Island now is the time! We have over 26 inches of snow on the ground and a forecast of 5-8 more inches tonight! It just keeps getting better! Keep doing the snow dance! 
  • ​ ​Mackinac County
    • St Ignace: (2/18)  Good amount of snow. Bad snow conditions. Ugly trails at times. 
      I will find out later today when Groomer #5 is going to be back.I will get more trail info out later today. The breakdown is, best trails are in Iggy, OK trails in the center part of the system, and choppy near Trout Lake, Caffey and Epoufette.
    • Curtis: (2/15) 14" base. All Trails are Very good,  Lakes and Open area’s have 16″ to 24″ of Snow, 02/15/19  East trail’s #45 toward Newberry/McMillan were groomed, Watch for detour Signs for Logging on Trails east and South of Curtis,.  02/15/19  #457 and Trail#2 South and East Toward Engadine/Naubinway and west toward Gould City to Blaney Park Groomed 02/15/19 Trail #2 west of Blaney Park CLOSED!   West trails #43 toward Germfask/Seney Groomed 02/15/19  Lakes are rough in some area’s and some ice heaves , some Slush..15″ + of ice on South and Big Manistique Lakes. More Snow Today 7″ overnight 02/14/19..