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Regions of the U.P.

When you ask someone from Michigan where they live, they’re likely to show you their hands. The palms will be up, the right hand aligned south to north, the left hand positioned above and perpendicular, east to west. It’s a simple gesture, with practical purposes, but also a warm invitation to explore our homeland, hand in hand. This is the story of the upper hand, our beloved Upper Peninsula, or as we call it, the U.P. It’s a land carved by the forces of the Great Lakes and warmed by our independent and hardy people. Come lose yourself in our pristine woods, water and way of life. But don’t worry, everyone you meet has a map.

Regions of the U.P.

small zoomed out map of the michigan area at a state level

Each region offers an adventure

Travel each of our three regions: the Eastern, Central and Western Upper Peninsula. Along the way, you’ll be mesmerized by over 300 waterfalls, three Great Lakes and sunrises and sunsets with breathtaking hues in their palettes. When you’re seeking thrill, hike our mountains, kick up a rooster tail on a vast expanse of ATV trails, reel in scrappy walleye or speed down hairpin turns on a single track with your mountain bike. 

Time-travel to boom towns gone bust in this time capsule of a peninsula. Our ancient islands, Lake Superior shipwrecks, sandstone Pictured Rocks cliffs, 40 historic lighthouses and ghost towns tell compelling stories of what once was. Start in one region and listen as the vast outdoors of our Upper Peninsula lures you into the next.