Find the best places to visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula consists of three regions each full of exciting adventures, fascinating history and gorgeous natural wonders like waterfalls and vistas. Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, you’ll find it within our borders. The peninsula may feel overwhelmingly large, but don’t worry. That just means there is always another vacation in the future to explore something new! To start planning, these are some of the best places to visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in each region. Have fun!

Eastern U.P.

  • Tahquamenon Falls State Park: Home to the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.
  • Mackinac Island: The crown Jewel of Lake Huron, this island has preserved its 1800s charm. It’s famous for its fudge, lack of cars, beautiful scenery, horses, lilacs and more. 
  • Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum: The museum’s world-class exhibits tell the story of the haunting world of Lake Superior shipwrecks.
  • Whitefish Point Lighthouse: The oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior. It was built during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency!
  • Mackinac Bridge: Considered by many as the "8th wonder of the world," the mighty Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere, connecting Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas over the beautiful straits of Mackinac.
  • Soo Locks: Watch gigantic freighters pass through two of the world's largest locks in the world at the Soo Locks in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • Drummond Island: An adventure-packed, recreational paradise that doubles as a relaxing year-round “Island Time” destination. Whatever your passion — time on the water, off-roading, golfing, hiking, snowmobiling, scuba-diving for shipwrecks — you’ll find a way to pursue it here.

Central U.P.

  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Pictured Rocks is the first designated national lakeshore in the United States (established in 1966). It is one of only three in the country!
  • Marquette: Marquette is the U.P.’s largest city with a good mix of culture and wilderness.
  • Pine Mountain Ski Jump: The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is the largest artificial ski jumping hill in the world and home to the longest-running competitive ski jumping tournaments in North America.
  • Bays De Noc: Over 1,000 acres of water on this freshwater shoreline.
  • Fayette Historic State Park: Discover one of the iron smelting boom towns that went bust. Many original buildings are still here in this ghost town.
  • Kitch-iti-Kipi: Ride a raft over Kitch-iti-Kipi, the state's largest natural freshwater spring, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in any season.
  • Seney National Wildlife Refuge: This 95,238-acre wilderness is home to a variety of species year round in the refuge’s forests, marshes, pools, creeks, rivers and bogs.

Western U.P. 

  • Isle Royale National Park: One of the least visited, but most re-visited remote national parks in the country. Disconnect from your worries, reconnect with nature.
  • Brockway Mountain Drive: Just 9.5 miles long, it offers superb views from 735 ft. above lake level. Look out over Lake Superior at an expansive Keweenaw sky. 
  • Keweenaw Historical National Park: Explore the copper country’s history in Keweenaw National Historical Park with 21 heritage sites.
  • Bond Falls: With a nearly 50-foot drop, this wheel-chair-accessible site is a must for any vacationer.
  • Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park: Home to Lake of the Clouds and other gorgeous vistas!
  • Black River National Scenic Byway: Visit five gorgeous waterfalls along this popular route!
  • Copper Peak Adventure Ride: The world's largest ski flying structure, this iconic, engineering marvel rises 26 stories above the hilltop, overlooking 2,500 square miles of the Lake Superior Basin including parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and, on a clear day, 85 miles across the lake.

Regions of the U.P.

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