Waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula

Hear the water roar and whisper depending on where you are at! The waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula almost all require hiking to reach, but there are several barrier-free paths to some of the most popular ones. These are a must-do on your U.P. vacation bucket list.

Best waterfalls in Michigan

It is pretty easy to have the best waterfalls in the state because the U.P. is home to all but one of Michigan’s waterfalls. From trickling waters that gently caress the rock surface and flow into small creeks to the large falls cascading towering cliffs, this is the place to come if you want to see waterfalls in action.

How many waterfalls does the Upper Peninsula have? 

There are 300+ waterfalls scattered across the U.P., ranging in size from under 5 feet to 48+ feet vertical drops. Use the “Show map” function at the top right of the listings below to see just how widespread they are. Several will likely fall along your trip trajectory, and we encourage you to see as many as you can.

See our waterfalls in all four seasons

Spring is the best time to see our waterfalls because the increase in groundwater, rainfall and snowmelt make for some added fury as they fall. Even the smallest of falls roar to life this time of year! However, all seasons are beautiful. Summer invites warmer temperatures and hiking weather — both of which make hiking to these falls possible in 15 minutes or less. Autumn makes watercolor paintings come to life. Vibrant leaf colors surround and reflect in the bodies of water around the falls, somehow making them even more picturesque than before. Even in the winter, we have activity on the falls! Don’t miss out on seeing these beasts seemingly frozen in time. If you’re up to the challenge, try ice climbing. Munising and Miners Falls are favorite columns of ice to scale.

Plan your waterfall trip to the U.P. 

If you’re looking to be in a specific region, then check out our pages dedicated to Western U.P. waterfalls, Eastern and Central U.P. waterfalls. We also have several pet friendly waterfalls so you can bring your furry friends along for the adventure. Make sure to book a stay overnight so you can see even more magnificent waterfalls tomorrow.