Explore paradise on the Upper Peninsula Islands

When you think of a vacation, what comes to mind? Is it a getaway, where you can witness a breath-taking sunset over scenic waters? Maybe hiking or backpacking is on the list. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding somewhere peaceful to relax. When you think about yourself enjoying a vacation like that, we know just the place you should go — the Upper Peninsula islands. Gone are the days of traveling to the tropics for an island getaway; here’s where to plan your next trip!

Mackinac Island 

Coined Michigan’s Crown Jewel, Mackinac Island is a unique experience to get outdoors and travel back in time at a single destination. Located between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, this 3.8-square-mile island doesn’t allow cars. You’ll either get around by foot, bicycle or even horse. Each visit can be tailored to the individual, so here are some options to create your own Mackinac Island Adventure. 

How to get to Mackinac Island

You get to Mackinac Island by ferry. There are two options for ferry rides on your journey to Mackinac. You can fly there, too! 

Along Main Street, you’ll find several places to rent a bike by the hour or for the day. Rates vary. You can decide which rental location is best for you and learn more about the rules of the road. The Island has 1,400 bikes for rent!

Drummond Island

Drummond Island is off the coast of the far eastern end of the Upper Peninsula. It is an adventure-packed, recreational paradise that doubles as a relaxing year-round “Island Time” destination. Whatever your passion — time on the water, off-roading, golfing, hiking, snowmobiling, scuba-diving for shipwrecks or just kicking back  — you can fill your days on Drummond Island doing what you love most.

Getting to Drummond Island

From ancient days, people have reached the island by watercraft. If you have a boat, you can rent a transient or seasonal slip at Drummond Island Yacht Haven, conveniently located on Potagannissing Bay. But most people arrive by the Drummond Island car ferry, departing from DeTour Village. The ferry runs hourly all year, bringing passengers and their cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and semi-trucks to and from the island. It takes only 10-15 minutes to cross the St. Marys River for your island adventure!


Grand Island 

Grand Island, located just off the north coast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, more than lives up to its lofty name. This spectacularly scenic isle is home to pristine beaches, towering sandstone cliffs, inland lakes and old growth hardwood forests. Grand Island is the perfect summer adventure destination. Ride and hike over 40 miles of challenging mountain bike trails and scenic walking paths. Kayak beneath soaring cliffs through Lake Superior’s crystal-clear waters. Camp beneath a dazzling blanket of stars or stay in a rustic cabin. Your thirst for unforgettable adventures will be quenched on Grand Island!

Getting to Grand Island

While visiting Grand Island by private watercraft is possible much of the year when lake conditions permit, most visitors arrive by ferry, as personal boats are not allowed to land on the island. The Grand Island Ferry Service runs regularly throughout each day during summer months, between the Friday before Memorial Day and October 10.

Les Cheneaux Islands

The Les Cheneaux Islands are an archipelago of 36 small islands in Lake Huron along the southeastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. These beautiful islands are the ideal destination for both relaxation and adventure, offering everything from pleasant resorts to winding hiking trails, from charming craft shops and galleries to unforgettable boating and kayaking outings. Les Cheneaux, which means “The Channels” in French in reference to the many waterways between the islands, is also home to the world’s largest antique wooden boat show. You can get to the island by car, boat or flight. 

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