Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Trail Report    


Plan your U.P. snowmobile adventures with these weekly reports.

Michigan snowmobile trail reports for the Upper Peninsula are posted weekly from Dec. 1 until March 31 (weather permitting). Check here during the trail-grooming season for current conditions in all 15 counties across the U.P. There are also links to downloadable snowmobile trail maps for each county. Happy sledding! 

Updated: January 26, 2023

Western Upper Peninsula — county reports

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Gogebic County

  • Gogebic Range Trails: (1/26) Trails are rated very good to excellent. Main corridors are being groomed nightly and connector trails every other night to two nights based on use. 160 and 11 were groomed last night, thank you to Ryan Christian for knocking another powder paving out on 160. He said 6" of fresh snow came down in spots. We have seen fresh snow across our trails the past several days. The snow has really helped to improve conditions, which were very good to begin with! Trails are froze back in and we are set up for a great weekend of riding. Be sure to #snowmobileironwood and see the TeePee on 160! Thank you Matt Rogers for keeping the fleet greased up and fixed up for the boys to groom with!
  • Lake Gogebic: (1/23) The Lake Gogebic Area has been an area of extremely high traffic and groomers have been doing all they can to keep up with the volume of visitors! Thanks go out to the cold temperatures for coming in strong and helping to close up any remaining spots. Cold temperatures are to remain constant this week with mid 20’s during the week and down into the teens in the evenings. Snow is forecasted for several days this week and we will see what happens! Groomers will be out every night of the week – and let’s just keep our fingers crossed for snow!
    • Trail 8 East: groomed Sunday night and is reported to be good, flat and fast!
    • Trail 8 West: Groomed Saturday and in good condition and water holes have sealed up!
    • Trail 13North: Also groomed Sunday night – it’s like a snow paved highway and reported in good condition.
    • Trail 1 North: was groomed Saturday night – good condition.
    • Trail 1 South: good condition
    • Trail 102: groomed Saturday night. In good condition.
    • Trail 100 and South end of Lake Gogebic – all trails have been groomed and reported in good condition.
  • Watersmeet: (1/26) Trails are in good condition with no problems to report, grooming nightly

DNR Trail Map

Ontonagon County

  • Ontonagon/Silver City/White Pine: (1/25) Trails are groomed and in great condition!!
  • Sidnaw/Bruce Crossing: (1/24) Tik Tok of 1/25 groom. Light snow is falling today. Groomer Tim is heading Sidnaw way (East) today. Trails are looking pretty good! ❄️

DNR Trail Map

Houghton & Keweenaw Counties: (1/26) 

  • Trails 3/17 from Toivola to Clear Lake Rd., 153, 134 (minus High Rock), and 135 were groomed.
  • The little bit of fresh snow will help the trails.
  • Trail 122 – Reroute has been approved. Trail 122 is closed due to logging on this trail through January. More information and updates to come. | The Valley Sno Drifters Traill 122 to Dreamland Restaurant & Bar is open. From Lake Linden to Sawmill Road is open. Trail 122 is NOT OPEN beyond this point. Any use further north of 122 toward Gay will result in loss of trail.

DNR Trail Map: Houghton

DNR Trail Map: Keweenaw

Baraga County​ (1/26)

  • All our trails done last night, thanks to Jim and Lyle we got the groomer across the swamps between Baraga to L’Anse. Please stay off railroad tracks! Watch for water holes on 8, 14 and in town! Come and enjoy the trails.

DNR Trail Map

Iron County

  • Iron River: (1/19) As of noon on January 19th we have received 6 inches of new snow.  The groomers are out getting the trails ready for the weekend.  Please know that we had rain all day on January 16th so trails continue to be slushy during the day and icy at night.  Also beware of standing water on the trails until the temperature goes down. For safety reasons Trail 15N to Sidnaw will remain closed from the trail #2 intersection to the #111 intersection temporarily due to a bridge issue. This closure will also affect Trail #111 to Amasa which is open but will not be groomed.  The club is working diligently with the DNR on a solution and will post updates as things progress. Please use caution while riding our trails!!!
  • Crystal Falls: (1/20) Trails are in good condition. All trails will be groomed today, Friday the 20th. They should be in good shape after today with the cloder weather. The wet areas between Carleson Rd. north to DNR Rd. still need time to freeze up good enough to get the groomer through but should be good for sleds to run and help pack down to freeze. Our regular grooming days are as follows: Trail #16 from Crystal Falls, West to Iron River and Trail #111 and #18 from Crystal Falls to Amasa then east to Republic; Groomed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trail #113 and Trail #2 From Crystal Falls South to The Brule River, then west to George Young Cut off: Groomed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Trail #16 From Crystal Falls East to Sagola: Groomed Tuesday and Thursday. This trail does not connect to trail #5 East of M95. That section is closed by the landowner at Sunrise Rd. We have lighted Trailhead parking and Port-a-Jons, at our Quonset Hut, located on M69 and trail #113 for your easy access to ride our trail system.

DNR Trail Map

Central Upper Peninsula —county reports

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Marquette County

  • A segment of Snowmobile Trail No. 5 between Trails 14 and 310 in Marquette County will be closed until the end of January due to active logging operations in the area. The closure is located southwest of Big Bay. An alternate route is available via Snowmobile Trail No. 310 and 14. The reroute will add additional travel miles to snowmobiler trips.
    • Big Bay Trails: (1/25) 
      • Big Bay to Anderson's corner is groomed and in good condition
      • Trails 310 and 5 are groomed and in good condition
      • Big Bay to Marquette is groomed and in good condition
    • Hiawatha Trails: (1/23) Gwinn to Co Rd. 438, Co Rd. 438 to Arnold, Groomer Barn to M553, Gwinn to Cascade, Crossroads Spur and Cascade to Trail 417 fully groomed.
    • Moose Country: (1/21) Moose country trail 5 north of republic has lots of hanging trees after the ice and heavy snow. It is going to take us a couple of days to get all of this cleaned up. Ride with caution. Other than that moose country trails are in good shape
    • Trenary Trails: (1/25) Tuesday nights run turned out good, colder Temps and good snow laid down nice and set up hard. We even got a visit from one of our greatest supporters and a nice care package to help.us through the long night, thank you Laurie, we appreciate all that you do.
    • UP Central Trails: Fully groomed.

DNR Trail Map

Dickinson County

  • (1/26) All Trails are in excellent condition! Groomers are running daily.We have a 6 to 8 inch base now.All swamps have been groomed,except for one.Watch for ice or water across trail. Be Safe!

DNR Trail Map

Menominee County

DNR Trail Map

Alger County

  • ​Munising: (1/26) TRAILS HOLDING GOOD! Overall Trails are in Good condition with our entire trail system groomed in the past 48 hours. Snow has become sugary with all the traffic and grooming since the last snowfall. Fortunately there is more in the forecast for this week. Let’s hope it is a significant amount. We still have hazardous water holes on Trail 418 so ride and cross with extreme caution (Map in images showing locations). Signs now mark both locations. Keep a close eye on conditions as you ride and stay right. Stay tuned for updates! Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Trails 7, 8, 422 & Wetmore Spur 
    ⚠️TRAIL 419 WATER CROSSING - Stay alert and watch for creek crossing between Munising and Wetmore. The culvert is currently removed. Cross the stream with caution.
    ⚠️TRAIL 418 WATER HAZARD - Watch for water holes and flowing water near the East end of Trail 418. The East holes are not deep with a solid gravel base and cross-able. The West holes are deeper with a hard bottom. Use extreme caution when crossing.
    • 8 East - Shingleton - Good. Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Expect to get choppy. Groomed 1/25/2023
    • ​8 West - Chatham - Good. Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Expect to get choppy. Groomed 1/25/2023
    • 7 South - CR440 - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Sugary Snow. Groomed 1/25/2023
    • 7 North - Christmas - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Closer to Christmas some icy corners will develop with sugary snow. Groomed 1/25/2023
    • ⚠️419 East - Wetmore - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Expected to get choppy South of Wetmore. Groomed 1/23/2023 & South of Wetmore 1/25/2023 WARNING - Stay alert and watch for creek crossing between Munising and Wetmore. The culvert is currently removed. Cross the stream with caution.
    • 419 West - Munising - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Groomed 1/24/2023
    • ⚠️418 - Au Train - Good. Flat, no of new snow, Fair to Good, Gravely conditions near AuTrain. Groomed 1/24/2023 WARNING! - Watch for water holes and flowing water near the East end of Trail 418. The East holes are not deep with a solid gravel base and crossable. The West holes are deeper with a hard bottom. Use extreme caution when crossing.
    • 417 - Brownstone Jnct. - Good. Flat, no new snow, Good Base, rocky conditions on hill just South of the North gate. Groomed 1/24/2023
    • ⚠️422 - Miners Castle - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Groomed 1/25/2023 STAY ON THE PARKING LOT!!!! Riders have been leaving the parking and riding into the lookout area - DO NOT DO THIS! We will quickly lose Miners Castle as great snowmobile destination if it keeps up.
    • Wetmore Spur - Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. Groomed 1/25/2023
    • 8 North - Shingleton - Fair to Good. Fairly Flat, no new snow, Good to Fair Base. High traffic trail expected to get rough. Groomed 1/25/2023
  • Grand Marais: (1/22) From groomer Jeremy: West trail is done. Was in pretty bad shape, but very disable now. Saw a couple riders earlier and they said it was good to go. It's always nice to get some feedback like that☺️

DNR Trail Map

Delta County

  • (1/19) Finally got enough snow so grooming will start again tomorrow.

DNR Trail Map

Schoolcraft County

  • ​Seney: (1/23) Groomer just got back from his run this morning and afternoon. First pic is off trail 43 heading down to 10 Curvees Rd. 2nd is trail 431. Trails are in great shape.
  • Manistique: (1/23) Trail 2 EAST: Brace Creek Swamp is fixed. Going to do full groom to Gulliver (421) on Thursday. I'll post conditions post-run.. Mind your position on the the repaired area... there is OPEN WATER ON BOTH SIDES... We can only groom it 8ft wide so stay in the middle... Prez...
    OK folks, here goes...
    • 41 North of Jackpine TH: traffic=quite heavy Some underlying ice in the trail base has been giving our operators fits trying to make smooth trail. You may see some "digging" areas attempting to cut out the mogul makers, don't worry, the base when it's flat will be rebuilt and be in great shape. Good shape overall.
    • 413: some minor snirting in the hard. Corners but bases and coverage is good.
    • 41 South into Manistique: heavily traveled as well. The water issue has confined itself to the 2 mile marker area( some open yet but mostly slushy yuk)
    • 2 Trail: WEST: water west of State Rd is slowly abating and appears some brave souls( or others) are making tracks through the wet area. My drivers have noted "wet areas" but all agree that grooming could start soon. The water south of CR440 is still an issue and deemed impassable at best... but there IS improvement, this, coming from our "Boots on the trail" guys.
    • EAST: BRACE CREEK SWAMP is being addressed tomorrow attempting to span the hole with bales and pallets. Confidence is high. Look for announcements on 2 trail grooming and conditions later this week. As always, BEAR CREEK SWAMP is closed and the reroute up the River Rd remains the viable alternative.
    • 421 Into Gulliver: This section will be addressed after the 2 trail is opened. Suffice to say it is passable but ungroomed, and Cooper Swamp is very full but passable, exercise caution.
    • Operators are noting the courteous actions of riders in our sections, so, THANK YOU! Evidence of mindless acceleration is on ALL TRAIL SECTIONS. Asking for consideration be afforded to the new snow on the trails to help establish the growing base. PLEASE. As always: RIDE SAFE, RIDE RIGHT, RIDE SOBER, Prez...
    • UPDATE 1/23: WATER ISSUE ON Trail 41 north of Manistique at the 2 mile is OFF the watch list. It's flat through the problem area and holding its groom from last night.​

DNR Trail Map


Eastern Upper Peninsula — county reports

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Luce County

  • (1/26) The trails are very good in the majority of the area.  We groomed everything last night except south only to Rexton. Tonight we plan to groom north to holland lake, to the falls and south to cut river. Every trail has some logging on it also there are some water holes still open in a few spots so please ride with caution and care!  The details are below for specific trail grooming. 
    • Trail 9: We groomed all the way past pine stump to holland lake last night. Good to very good in spots! logging operations are finishing up but county road 422 is still being plowed to finish hauling everything out, so be careful roads are icy.
    • Trail 498: Groomed yesterday and will do so again today. Very Good.
    • Trail 45: The gate is open to the Falls.  We did go out to the falls last night. There is logging on the trail shortly after you jump on Trail 45 just past the Logging museum off of M-123.  There is also be logging about 3 miles North of Skyline Road off to the right.  Please use extreme caution in these areas!  Both portions are being plowed and could be bumpy or rutted.  Very Good to excellent in spots!!
    • Trail 9/2: We groomed Rexton last night. Very Good.

DNR Trail Map​ 

Chippewa County

  • Sault: (1/25)  Groomer Pat was out tonight on 49 south of M80 (north of Gaines is still closed) and 494 around Kinross. Looking awesome! I love this loop because it has wide, sweeping corners and beautiful stands of pine trees. A great ride!
  • Paradise: (1/26) 23 degrees this morning with a light snow falling and a NW breeze. Now thats what we need!! "They" didn`t say anything about snow today but with the wind switch ya never know. "They" are calling for a quick system coming thru tomorrow and maybe 1-3 inches....now we`re talking....then temps dropping like a rock.....gettin better!!! I have some good news and not so good news so lets get at it.... First the good. Groomer Mike C. ran the Pine Stump trail #8 yesterday and called it good. Groomer Mike H. ran the Point trails #452 & #453 yesterday also and called them 90% good. The other 10% as just fair, maybe a little lower cause of the lack of snow. Now, Mike is a character, he`s got his own rating system, but I keep telling him I can`t use it cause it might offend someone, you know people nowadays.  LOL. Now the not so good. We have been busting our butts on the Falls trail and the South trail to try and fill in all the water holes. We got them pretty good the other day then it decides to warm up into the low 30`s yesterday, that really hurt us. Groomer Kevin ran the Falls trail last night and he said everything looked good on his way out but on the way back the warmer temps took its toll. A big hole opened up by the Lower Falls. You can get around it but you have to be very careful. We are gonna take a run out there this afternoon with just a machine and see what we can do. Groomer Dave M. ran the  South trail #8 and went thru the swamp with a drag for the first time. He said the same thing as above but worse. It was down right ugly in there on his way back. The gates are closed, don`t even think about going around them. The rest of the trail turned out pretty good. We are getting frustrated. We were hoping to open up this entire trail by this weekend. The cold temps forecasted for the next week or more will help us out a lot. So there ya have it.....the good, the bad, and the ugly. LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Groomer Chris
  • Eckerman: (1/20) We have the normal wet holes going to Trout Lake and Hulbert so be careful and stay right. With all the new snow trails are doing great. The guys all went out and groomed all of our trails. There may be ice under the snow so stay right and ride safe. Trail north out of Rudyard will not be groomed until there is more snow. Hopefully we don’t get the warm up they are talking about. Stay cold and let it snow! Check out the Groomer Tracker App to see what we are doing. Let it snow! You can view LIVE Cameras on the Chippewa Snow Chasers website www.chippewasnowchasers.com and go to the cameras.
  • Drummond Island: (1/26) The good, the bad and the ugly….. The trails are officially opened as of today. Some areas are really good but some areas are very poor! Most of the water holes are froze up now or you can get around them. The area along Canoe Bay shore line has very little snow and we STRONGLY recommend staying off trail 493 between the plains and Glen Cove or what we call the north loop cause there is a logging operation going on there and the trails are bare gravel to pure mud. You can go to Marblehead going on 496 on the south side of that loop and retuning that same way. We do not recommend going all the way around that loop because of a lack of snow on the shoreline. We just plain need more snow!

DNR Trail Map

Mackinac County

  • St Ignace: (1/26) All our northern sections are groomed and in good condition. Our southern section of the railroad grade between Moran and castle rock road has a large water hole that is signed and not recommended. Getting out of St Ignace can be done but is thin and bumpy from town to castle rock. Then taking south loop is passable but thin. We groomed what we could in this area. If your riding anything in out southern areas please use extreme caution.
  • Curtis: (1/26)
    • Trail 457 just north of trail 2 that is circled was corduroyed and is extremely rough for about a mile section and needs snow! The groomers made it through but there’s a lot of brush sticking out, so If you ride this section use extreme caution!
    • Trail 2 west of Naubinway does have some water holes that were filled but will probably open back up until we can get some cold weather. From Naubinway north to the Rexton T is in great shape, if your in Naubinway and want to make it to Curtis I’d recommend going east out of Naubinway to trail 9 over towards Newberry and down into Curtis. this is all in good shape.
    • The groomers are heading out on trail 43 towards Germfask today and start filling water holes, we’ll let you know what they find later today.
  • ​Les Cheneaux/Cedarville/Hessel: (1/25) Bully 18 and Jim are out on trail 491 now. Shaping up great, ride right, ride smart. Watch for deer they're everywhere.

DNR Trail Map

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