Sensuous Spring

Spring is slow to arrive and quick to leave in the U.P., so you’ll treasure every moment! When you see the trees tapped on Les Cheneaux and Sugar Islands, you know there will soon be fresh maple syrup for this region’s Paul Bunyan-size flapjacks.

As the snow melts, the rivers roar to life for incredible kayaking and canoeing. This is also the premier season for seeing waterfalls. With more than 150 named falls (and many unnamed), you are never far from hearing them thunder.

Spring rains bring wildflowers and worth-hunting-for morel mushrooms. Lilacs bloom on Mackinac Island and around the ruins of the Peninsula Point Lighthouse in Delta County. And while you can enjoy winter sports as late as April in the U.P., by May you can trade your skis and snowmobiles for golf clubs and ATVs. The air is so fresh, gulp it in.