What is a U.P. ambassador?

An Upper Peninsula Ambassador is someone who is passionate about Michigan’s U.P. and represents it well through their photos, videos or blogs on social media. They’re someone who loves outdoor adventure, exploring the U.P. and sharing the natural beauty of our region — the sights, trails, waterfalls, beaches, great lakes and wilderness. It's someone who inspires others to go outside and play in the U.P.

Upper Peninsula Ambassadors:


Nathan Miller

Favorite UP spot: The Ottawa National Forest's Trap Hills. Best explored via the North Country Trail!

Favorite activity: Bushwhacking to new places!

Favorite memory: Any adventure that includes digging into rarely or never visited sites is a favorite of mine. Whether that includes paddling down untouched tiny rivers, winter camping on cliff edges, or discovering waterfalls that aren't on ANY map, adventures into the unknown rule.

Website: www.nathaninvincible.com

IG: @nathaninvincible

Bio: I'm Nathan Miller, aka Nathan Invincible. I've been living in the Keweenaw since 2006.  When I'm not helping to develop the epic mountain biking trails in Copper Harbor or leading hikes for Finlandia University students, I'm out adventuring across the Western U.P.  From camping in -19°F winter temps to paddling the wildest lakes, I'm up for just about anything.  My focus is non-motorized travel, often combined in goofy ways to make for challenging multi-modal trips. Road biking in XC ski boots? Sure, why not!  I'm an avid semi-pro photographer and love capturing the U.P.'s hidden, rugged beauty.

Joshua Haertel

Favorite UP spot: It is difficult to pick a specific location within the Upper Peninsula to call my favorite. I am a sucker for waterfalls and lighthouses, which were my go to locations I would frequent when I would travel up for vacations. Keweenaw Peninsula will always be a frequent location for me, but nevertheless, Marquette County alone has a bountiful amount of sights to be seen!  

Favorite activity: My favorite activity would definitely be hiking with Ember! She is a very energetic doggo and LOVES to run, which works out perfectly. When we hike, I love being able to feel peacefulness, relaxation, and as if all cares are gone. Being able to take in the sights, smells, and feels of Lake Superior, the forest, the crisp air is something I truly cherish. I will say, you will find me in the Winter with a snowboard strapped to my back while I find that perfect backcountry landscape to carve! 

IG: @jhnfcknglennon

Bio: My name is Joshua Haertel, and I'm proud to live in Marquette, Michigan. I recently moved up to Marquette this past spring for work as a Paramedic. Aside from my full time work,  I have been a hobby photographer for a few years now and love to share my experiences and adventures. Alongside me throughout my adventures is my dog Ember, who is a five year old Red Heeler. 

Marco Brugnoli

Favorite UP spot: Do I have to choose just one spot?! All the places I’ve been offer a unique experience I haven’t found anywhere else. I’ve watched freighters in the Soo, played in waterfalls at Tahquamenon, biked the hilly and winding roads of the Keweenaw, watching the sunsets over Indian Lake, and consumed more pasties than I can shake a stick at. Luckily my home has wheels!

Favorite activity: I love anything and everything to do with cycling! I’m trying my best to SUP, but really bad at the whole “stand up” part. One day. One day. If I have some time to burn in the evening, I’ll grab my fishing pole and cast a line!

Favorite memory: As a native Floridian, I crossed the Mackinac Bridge for the first time only a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Since that day I haven’t been able to stop coming back.


IG: @away_everyday

TikTok: @away_everyday

Bio: Hi! I’m Marco! A professional photographer who turned my passion for travel into an amazing life by hitting the road to full-time RV!

Amber Hollenbeck

Favorite UP spot: My favorite spot is Little Girls Point.

Favorite activity: My favorite activity is swimming in Lake Superior and exploring new places and old favorites in the Yoop! I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, paddleboarding, rollerblading, cold water swimming (I was in Lake Superior every month except February and March:) pretty much getting outside in almost any way and in all weather! I love show off the U.P. because it’s absolutely incredible:)

Favorite memory: Growing up on the shores of Lake Superior and time spent with family there every summer! 


IG: @amber_ofthenorth


Bio: I was born and raised in the U.P. and now live on the western end of the Upper Peninsula where my husband and I built our home. I have 4 amazing kids- 2 in college, 2 still in school. I work for Travel Ironwood (the town I grew up in) and do their marketing & social media- crazy how life is a full circle! I also started my own content creation and photography business.

Levi Montilla

Favorite UP spot: Definitely the Superior trail along the lake in Porcupine Mountains! The constant crashing of the waves creates this almost magically silent white noise that makes you feel like you're at the edge of the earth. My favorite campsite is along this trail and it just has this prehistoric feeling that brings you back in time!

Favorite activity: Backpacking with my camera... I probably end up taking too many pictures through my hikes but it allows me to revisit my trips thoroughly when I'm stuck at home!

Favorite memory: I was on the last day of a solo backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains at one of the cliffside campsites along the Escarpment Trail. I had just been relaxing and meditating close to the edge of the mountain side enjoying the view when I heard a slight inconsistent rustle in the overgrowth close to camp - upon investigation it turned out I had little visitor - an actual porcupine!


IG: @acidwashed501s

Bio :Chicago native but I make my way into the wilderness at every opportunity that I can get, and I always try to bring my friends along to share the experience! In the past few years I've recently discovered the UP and have absolutely fallen in love - easily the best place to get some outdoor action in the Midwest. I've been a career bartender for over twelve years but currently in grad school doing a complete career change while also developing my side passion for photography. Being out in the wilderness with a camera is my all time happy place - capturing the beauty of the natural world and having the opportunity to bring that to others is incredibly rewarding!

Ana Easlick

Favorite UP spot: It is so hard to pick a favorite place in the UP because I love it all! But I often find myself in the Marquette area I think it is a great HQ and starting point to anywhere in the UP. I also love the parks and trails nearby, and you can often find me exploring the NTN year-round. Bond Falls, Lake of the Clouds, Fayette and Kitch-iti-Kipi are also places I never tire of returning to.

Favorite activity: My favorite activities in the UP are chasing waterfalls in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Favorite memory: I’m a nature lover and naturally, the UP to me in Paradise-On-Earth. I remember my very first visit to the UP: it was a visit to Sault Ste Marie. We visited the Soo Locks, walked around Portage Avenue and had white fish for dinner! From day one, I fell in love with the UP, the culture, the nature and have returned every year -- even in the winter! My favorite memories are my first full dive into Lake Superior at Sand Point Beach and finding my first Yooperlite.


IG: @michigantravelist

Bio: I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Michigan in the year 2000. I became an American citizen in 2005. When I first arrived in Michigan, I didn't know much about it but I soon fell in love with the state's natural resources, parks and culture. I often tell my friends that Michigan is the United States’ “best kept secret”. We truly have it all here: beaches, woods, waterfalls, dunes, mountains, four seasons, amazing food, wineries, breweries, distilleries, artisans, entrepreneurs, etc.

Samantha Bohon

Favorite activity: My favorite thing to do in the UP is definitely camping. The UP has so many great campgrounds and it is often hard to choose!

Favorite UP spot: My favorite place also happens to be a campground, the Two Hearted River State Forest Campground.

Favorite memory: My favorite UP memory was seeing the Northern Lights for the very first time. It was magic.

IG: @sbohon1

Amanda Taivalkoski

Favorite UP spot: I would have to say my favorite place in the UP is anywhere in the Keweenaw (I know, that’s vague but there are too many spots to pick).

Favorite activity: Backpacking with my camera... I probably end up taking too many pictures through my hikes but it allows me to revisit my trips thoroughly when I'm stuck at home!

Favorite memory: My favorite memory is a May evening with friends at a bonfire at sunset which suddenly turned into a spectacular Aurora show that lasted hours. 

IG: @amandeliini

Jessica and Joey Sancrant

Bio: We are Joey and Jessica Sancrant and we live in the thumb area of Michigan with our two beautiful daughters. As much as it would be a dream to be full time photographers, we simply enjoy it as a hobby as we adventure together through the beautiful state of Michigan. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a very special place to both of us any time of year. The Mackinac Bridge is just a short three and a half hour drive and we frequently visit so many areas of the UP, but especially Mackinac Island, Marquette and Munising. 

Favorite memory: Exploring the UP is so much fun. Each and every trip holds a special memory for us, but our favorite was by far our trip to Munising this summer. We were able to go with our girls for an entire week. Each day we explored something new, but our favorite memory was when the four of us spent an entire day hiking 16 miles through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! 

IG: @michiganaddicts

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