Welcome to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This wildly beautiful peninsula is full of stories, some dating back millennia. We enjoy sharing them with editors, travel writers, bloggers, photographers, radio and television personalities, videographers and filmmakers. Let us know how we can assist you. 

  • Images. Need photos for your story? Our staff will do their best to find the shots that meet your needs. These photos may be used non-commercially to promote visiting the Upper Peninsula. You may not use them for individual, commercial or advertising purposes. 
  • B-Roll. We provide videos to broadcast media for non-commercial use. Let us know the name of the video you want to use, and we will send you a link to download it. 
  • Photo and Video Opportunities. Contact us for directions to key locations for capturing photographs and video footage for your story. There are hundreds of possibilities. Here are a few of our recommendations:
  • Media List. We can help you compile a list of local and regional publications, radio and television stations to pitch your stories to.  
  • Interview Contacts. Need suggestions of who to reach out to for your story? We can connect you with knowledgeable resources for many topics.
  • Media Hosting Tours. The Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association can help you coordinate your U.P. tours and provide itineraries. 
  • Free Updates. For fresh story ideas, follow us on our website, Facebook, Instagram, blogs or in our e-newsletter.

Contact us. We appreciate your interest in telling our stories. If you have questions or need information, we will respond as fast as we can. Ideally, we appreciate having a two-week lead time to research for your answers. Email us a letter describing your assignment, and attach samples of your previously published work. Bloggers, please include Google analytics of your web traffic data. After your U.P. story is published or aired, please send us a link.
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