If being surrounded by three Great Lakes weren’t enough, there are inland lakes and streams almost everywhere you look in the Upper Peninsula. 

Slice your paddle down a scenic waterway. Open your runabout’s throttle until shrieks of laughter rise from the tow-behind tube. Watch with wonder as the tour boat glides over the sunken ship or cruises past the Pictured Rocks. Feel the adrenaline rush when the wind catches your boat’s sails. Look with awe from the ferry as the Mackinac Bridge looms against the sky. Pedalboat around a glassy inland lake island. Go airborne on your wakeboard. The U.P. has the waters to do it.


Whether you carry your watercraft on top of your car or pull your boat by trailer, you will find a place to launch. Gravel and hard-surface ramps make it easy to launch a day of fishing, cruising, skiing, sailing or paddling on three of the Great Lakes or hundreds of U.P. inland rivers, lakes and ponds. Most launching sites provide toilets and many have picnic areas, hiking trails and campgrounds. A few public marinas offer slips complete with electricity, water, cable TV and Internet for overnight stays.

So this year, fully enjoy your boat, canoe, kayak … even your yacht. Launch into waters where you can find the heart-pounding adventure – or the stillness – you desire.