UP Travel winter photo & video contest 

Do you love capturing your visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? Are there secret views you want to share with others? We want to see them! That’s why we’re hosting our first UP Travel winter photo and video contest. Enter any winter photos and videos taken in the Upper Peninsula in the last two years for a chance to win prizes. Your work will be featured in our marketing materials, too! 

2023 Winners:

1st Place Photo:

Marybeth Kiczenski

Bio: The Upper Peninsula holds a special place in my heart.  As a family, we would go "up north" every summer, and that's where my love for the area grew.  From the beaches, to the forest, waterfalls to lighthouses;  Michigan's Upper Peninsula has it all.  It's a place I go to heal; to relax. There's an incredible sense of peace there and that is what keeps me coming back! I entered this contest to share my love for the Upper Peninsula. It always brings me joy to share these beautiful locations with others, and help them perhaps realize that the U.P. is more than a destination, it is where stories and memories are made! 

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Northern Lights at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

1st Place Video:

Jake Ring

Bio: I entered the contest because almost all of my photos and videos are in the Upper Peninsula where I call home. It made sense to show off the west side of the U.P. in the off chance my video got selected. I love a lot of things about the U.P.! What I love most is its wild rivers, canyons and waterfalls. I spend my free time finding unknown and undocumented waterfalls, and truly believe there are over 1000 waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. 


Waterfalls and rivers in Ironwood

2nd Place Photo:

Justin Miller

Bio: I entered the photo contest to challenge myself. As a Texan Native we don't have winters. So going out to the UP where there is usually tons of snow provides interesting compositions and challenging conditions I've never photographed before. I took this photo only 3 months after moving to Michigan. I had done Previous research on where the darkest and highest quality skies are in Michigan and that place is the UP. What I love about the UP is the sheer wilderness. The lack of light pollution makes it the Ideal place for AstroPhotography. There's so much to do and so much to see but so little time to do so! A couple projects I have in the works are a full arch milky way panorama of Tahquamenon Falls and I'd like to get the aurora above bond falls. 

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Night Sky at Tahquamenon Falls

2nd Place Video:

Hillary Marshall

Bio: I entered the contest to share a locals perspective of just how beautiful our winters can be. I love the upper peninsula for its beauty in every season. Adventure is available in every one of its corners. Can’t forget to mention our out of this world sunrises!


Lake Superior Sunrise, Marquette

3rd Place Photo:

Lawrence Johnson

Bio: I did this contest to boost my photography business. I love going to the UP for photos and it’s just amazing to visit the UP.


Old 510 Bridge, Negaunee Township

3rd Place Video:

Bryan Lopac

Bio: I enjoy sharing with others the beauty of the UP. Not everyone can go see certain parts or do things so I try to bring it to them.


Fresh snowfall in the Upper Peninsula