Seven million acres of breathtaking autumn brilliance


Ask fall color seekers their favorite destinations and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula makes their lists. Seven million acres of tree coverage, the pristine shores of three Great Lakes, picturesque historic lighthouses, mirror-calm inland lakes and roaring waterfalls make this a fall getaway no other U.S. destination can match.
The leaf show begins when our daylight hours shorten in mid-September and the night air grows crisp. First, there’s a spatter painting of scarlet reds and sunny yellows amid acres of green. Then, almost overnight, the hardwood forests explode in reds, oranges, yellows, purples, browns and greens. The colors intensify and peak by mid-October. But this breathtaking show continues for a couple more weeks, especially along tree-canopied roads near the shorelines of Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior.
Below, are 10 of our favorite fall color routes across the U.P. (nearly 1,500 gorgeous, leafy miles). To help plan your trip, check our weekly color reports here for our eastern, central and western regions. 

Fall Tour 1 – 105 Miles

Fall Tour 2 – 200 Miles

Fall Tour 3 – 220 Miles

Fall Tour 4 – 165 Miles

Fall Tour 5 – 125 Miles

Fall Tour 6 – 183 Miles

Fall Tour 7 – 100 miles

Fall Tour 8 – 150 Miles

Fall Tour 9 – 90 Miles

Fall Tour 10 – 150 Miles