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Updated: February 25, 2021

Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Trails officially open December 1st and are groomed (weather permitting) until March 31st.
Please check this report during the season for trail condition reports across the UP!

Western Upper Peninsula – By County:

  • Gogebic County:
    • Gogebic Range Trails: (2/25) Trails rated Fair to Good  We found better conditions on the trails last night than anticipated!  The bad news is temperatures look to be 40+ Friday with sunshine, so that will cook the snow off the road routes and lead to further trail deterioration.  Trails were greatly improved by grooming, they covered a lot of bad spots over with snow.  This does look to be like the last hoorah for the season if snows don’t return.  Support our sponsors!  Please visit our Facebook page for comprehensive video trail reports.  The most up to date information is on Facebook! WARNINGS AND NOTICES:   We are begging riders to ride off trail legally as there are 1-million acres of public land east of Wakefield to off trail ride on – please only ride legal areas!  The Ottawa National Forest is 990,000 acres and much of it open to cross-country riding (no trail/road) if there is 6″ or more of snow.  Several restricted areas, contact the forest for further information.  CLICK THIS LINK FOR MAPS, scroll down to motor vehicle use maps.
      • Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay Crossing: Overall rating: Fair; Last groomed 02/25/2020.    Please do not ride on side walks near Holiday and try to keep noise down in town.
      • Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield: Overall rating: Fair Last groomed 02/25/2020.  Hills are starting to show some ice strips down the center groove, please ride slowly through this tight section as corners get icy as the day wears on!
      • Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco: Overall Rating: Good Last groomed 02/25/2020.
      • Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula: Overall Rating: Good Last Groomed 02/25/2020.
      • Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River in WI: Overall Rating:  Good  Last Groomed 02/21/20. There are several scenic vistas on the trail:  Bald Mountain “NORTH” lookout viewing Madeline Island/ mouth of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior Bald Mountain “SOUTH” lookout viewing Gogebic Range (Powderhorn, Copper Peak) Montreal River Gorge look out Superior Falls Waterfall Complex.
      • 11s: Overall Rating: Very Good Last Groomed 2/21/2020. PLEASE YIELD TO ANY AND ALL LOGGING TRAFFIC.  There is a short section of dual use the landowner (Keweenaw Land) has graciously approved us to use along with them.  It is private land and we are guests, please act like it.
      • 11N (Wakefield, MI to South boundary Rd/White Pine): Closed due to off trail riding. Please contact Indianhead Valley Condo’s who have closed the trail.
    • Lake Gogebic: (2/22) Lots of traffic over the past weekend and looks like we’ve got a bit of a warm up early part of this week, with temps dropping later in the week and snow forecasted for a couple days this week. All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are still reported to be in good to excellent condition. All trails were groomed Sunday night with the exception of 1N due to a drag failure. Groomers will be heading out when temps permit. Mother Nature rules.
    • Watersmeet: (2/24) 45 degrees yesterday at 4pm, groomers stayed in the barn. Only received 1 1/2 inches of new snow overnight. Planning on sending the groomers out tonight if the temperature stays below freezing. Trails are in good to fair condition
  • Ontonagon County:
    • Ontonagon/Silver City/White Pine: (2/24) We groomed 100 of our 109 miles of trail last night.
      We have a machine with a broken hydraulic line on trail 13, 1 mile east of Norwich Rd. We hope to have it repaired and back out tonight. We have stop signs by the machine. Trails are in fair to good shape; there are a few wet spots, are low snow in the corners. It will take a couple nights of grooming to get the trails back in great condition!
    • Sidnaw/Bruce Crossing: (2/24) 18″ base. We are grooming every day for now. Trails are good to excellent.
  • Houghton & Keweenaw: (2/24) Snowmobile trails are in fair condition due to equipment problems. Groomers are out working on the trails, so watch out for them. They have the right of way. Trail Closures: The trail section from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden (portion of Trail 3) and the Freda Trail (Trails 121 & 120) will be closed the entire season for repair. Trail 133 from Lac La Belle to Gay is closed for logging this winter.
  • Baraga: (2/24) ~Stay on the Trail, Respect private property, Don’t drink and drive, and Give the groomer the right of way ~ PLEASE stay off the portion of the 109 that is closed. We need to respect the property owners to try to reopen that trail soon! 

    • Big Bay Trail #14: 15-24″ Base. Very Good Condition Groomed 2/23 Enjoy the trail!
    • Alston Trail #15 to #8/15 to #109: 12-16″ Base. Very Good Condition Groomed 2/23 PLEASE stay off the portion of the 109 that is closed. We need to respect the property owners to try to reopen that trail soon! 
    • Nestoria Trail #15 to #8: 12-18″ Base. Very Good Condition. Groomed 2/22 Looking good.
    • Chassell Trail: Closed for the season!
    • Sidnaw Trail 159 to #8-15: 12-18″ Base. Very Good Condition Groomed 2/23 Looking good.
  • Iron County
    • Iron River: (2/22) 12″ cover. Good to excellent condition. Our trails to the north–#107 to Kenton and #15N to Sidnaw, and #111 to Amasa are in good to excellent condition and will be groomed on a regular schedule. These trail conditions will improve with more snow. Our trails to the south–15S to the Wisconsin border and #116 to Young’s are in good condition and will be groomed on a regular schedule. These trails will also improve with more snow.
    • Crystal Falls: (2/19) 5″ base. Trails are in good to excellent condition. All trails have been groomed and are in good shape. We need more snow to keep them that way if things start to warm up. The snow just seems to keep bypassing us. Trail #16 to Sagola is opened from Crystal Falls to M95 only! From M95 East, the landowner has closed trail #16 in Sagola, from Sunrise Rd. to Wells Grade Rd. due to reckless and rude behavior of certain riders last season. There is no connection to Trail #5. Now everyone has to suffer, due to the actions of a few. Look on Tri County Snowmobile clubs map on east edge for details. Our regular grooming days are as follows: Trail #113 and Trail #2 From Crystal Falls South to The Brule River, then west to George Young Cut off: Groomed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Trail #111 and #18 from Crystal Falls to Amasa then east to Republic; Groomed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have lighted Trailhead parking and Port-a-Jons, at our Quanset Hut, located on M69 and trail #113 for your easy access to ride our trail system.

Central Upper Peninsula – By County

  • Marquette County: (2/22)
    • Big Bay Trails: Groomed 2/21 Trail 5, 14, 310 good
    • Hiawatha Trails: Groomed 2/23 Trails 8,32,33 & 417 excellent
    • Moose Country: Groomed 2/12 Trails 5 & 8 excellent
    • Trenary Northern Trails: Groomed 2/20 Trail 8 excellent
    • UP Central: no new report
  • Dickinson County: (2/21) Groomers have been out and groomed our entire system. Some thin snow areas but we are able to work with the snow we have.
  • Menominee County: No report available.
  • Alger County:
    • Munising: (2/25) Good overall conditions. HANGING ON WITH NO IMPROVEMENTS! Pretty much a repeat report today. We received a few inches of snow in the morning yesterday with Operators reporting fair grooming results. Our Trail System in in Overall Good condition, staying fairly flat through the day with little chop developing and some icy corners developing. The trails are soft and not setting after grooming due to the warm weather and tired snow. Ride with caution. In the towns and along highways you will be finding dirty snow and bare spots. Trail 8 from Shingleton to Trail 7 South is the highest used section of trail with snow sugary along that stretch. The trails are hanging on for some really good riding – but barely. Yesterday work was completed on the JD 7130 fuel tank bracket repair and front track groove cutting. The modification will be tested tonight when grooming the hills of Trail 419 resumes. Please respect residential property owners and STAY ON THE TRAIL, No Snowmobile Signs mean just that. Please DO NOT run the Powerlines off of Trail 419. Our Team of volunteer Groomer Operators will continue to do their best to keep trails flat. Keep snow dancing, get out and ENJOY the Trails, Ride Safe and Stay Tuned for updates! Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Trail 8 from 7 miles North of Shingleton West to Trail 417, Trail 7 from Christmas South to CR440, 417, 418 & 422 SOFT SNOW and some ICY CORNERS! – Very little new snow is starting to create soft snow conditions and icy corners in areas. SLOW DOWN, Stay Right and Stay Alert! IMPORTANT National Forest Closure Notice! – STAY ON GROOMED TRAILS in the Stevens Lake F-16 crash site area. These are Trails 7 to the North and East, Trail 2 to the South and Trail 411 to the West. Order in effect through September 30, 2021. Notice from the National Forest important for those who venture off-trail: “Just a heads up to remind riders to stay on trails especially around or near the crash site they can be fined or imprisoned if caught inside perimeter thanks”
      • 8 East – Shingleton: Good An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair base. A high traffic section getting choppy between grooming runs. Groomed 2/24/2021
      • 8 West – Chatham: Good An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair base. Groomed 2/24/2021
      • 7 South – CR440: Good  An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair to good base. There is a thin section just south of Buckhorn road. Groomed 2/24/2021 Just south of Doe Lake Road there is a large depression from underlying trail conditions. Keep the speed down and ride with caution in that area.
      • 7 North – Christmas: Good  An inch or so of new snow, fairly flat with a good to fair base, some icy corners closer to Christmas. Groomed 2/24/2021
      • 419 East – Wetmore: Good An inch or so of new snow, fairly flat with a fair base. Watch for some icy corners and ice near top of large hills. Dirty snow along M-28 with a few bare spots. Groomed 2/24/2021  STAY ON TRAIL! DO NOT run powerlines. We have been fielding phone calls about trespassing. This is private property and we do not want to lose our trail.
      • 419 West – Munising: Good An inch or so of new snow, fairly flat with a fair base. Watch for some icy corners and ice near top of large hills. Dirty snow along M-28 and a few bare spots. Groomed 2/21/2021 Groomer is back and Trail scheduled for grooming 2/25/2021  Watch for ice patches and small water holes developing from springs in trail closer to Munising.
      • 418 – Au Train: Good  An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair to good base. Thinner along the Lake Superior Shoreline near AuTrain. Groomed 2/24/2021
      • 417 Brownstone Jnct: Good  An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair to good base. Groomed 2/24/2021 Watch for a few large holes developing in a narrow section of trail about 1.5 miles North of Trail 8.
      • 422 – Miners Castle:  Good An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair to good base, 2 mile stretch along H-58 has minimal snow cover along guard rail sections. Groomed 2/24/2021  WATCH FOR CARS/TRUCKS Though we have more snow vehicles still try traveling out the the Miners Castle overlook. Stay alert for stuck vehicles or possible trail damage once you enter the groomed section of Miner Castle Road.
      • Wetmore Spur: Good An inch or so of new snow, flat with a good base. Groomed 2/24/2021
      • 8 North – Shingleton: Good An inch or so of new snow, flat with a fair to minimal base. Some corners are starting to get icy. Very little snow to work with along the south 2/3’s of this trail segment and getting choppy between grooming runs. Groomed 2/24/2021
    • Grand Marais: (2/25) From groomer Michael last night-Trail 443 was In rough shape from the warm weather. The colder temps last night shaped the trail up nicely. From groomer Emmett last night on the north trail-Coming back on my groom. Nicest groom of the year. Will be a great day. From groomer Ted last night-Trail 89 west is shrouded in dark clouds , and winds whipping at the trees …Grooming had just happened today , as warm n wet are away for the day !!! Come get Some !!!
  • Delta County: (2/22) Trail is still good but is starting to take a beating from the warm weather. Need more snow and colder weather to keep it good.
    • Seney: (2/22) 5″ base. Excellent condition. We are down to one machine to groom all our trails. Our new plan is to groom trails 43, 8 and Petrol Lane during the day. Trail 43 to Ten Curves Rd, 431 and 440 at night. We will do our best to keep the trails in good shape. We’re sure with all the traffic on the weekends they will get a little ruff so bear with us until we can get the other groomer fixed. We did groom 43,8 and Petrol Lane today. 43 to Ten Curves Rd, 431 and 440 will be groomed tonight.
    • Manistique: (2/22) All trails in the SCMTA system (41(410), 2(421), 413, 7) have been edged, repacked and groomed at least twice since Monday 15Feb. As I have stated in the past, this snow is low moisture and requires repeated packing to develop a solid base. SCMTA is running daily(and nightly) to repair and repack trail surface wear and tear. RIDE SAFE  RIDE RIGHT  RIDE SOBER  Pres…

Eastern Upper Peninsula – By County

  • Luce County: (2/24) We did pick up about 4 maybe 5 inches of snow last night.  It is 34 today and over the next couple of days into the weekend the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30’s.  We will not be grooming tonight.  Over the next few days into the weekend as the day time days are warm we will not go out to pan the trails down until late evening or dark once the temperatures drop below freezing.  Ride Right!!  
    • Trail #45: Groomed last night to the Falls. Good We will only pan down the trails after the temperatures drop below freezing over the weekend.
    • Trail 9: Groomed last night to school bus corners.  Good We will only pan down the trails after the temperatures drop below freezing over the weekend.
    • Trail 498: Groomed last night.   Good We will only pan down the trails after the temperatures drop below freezing over the weekend.   
    • Trail 2: Groomed last night to the Rexton Store. Good We will only pan down the trails after the temperatures drop below freezing over the weekend.
  • Chippewa County
    • Sault: (2/22) 4″ base. Trails are in good to excellent condition. Our area picked up a few inches of system snow overnight. Temps are currently in the high 20s, warming to the mid 30s today and tomorrow. This is sloppy, slippery snow but should pack down well. It’ll help fill in the corners that were starting to show dirt. Groomers are already out this morning. All trails are reported to be in good to excellent condition. There are some thin corners but this new snow is helping. Unfortunately, groomer #9 is down out of the Kinross area. We cannot groom around the airport and parts of 472 and 480 today as we work to get it fixed. As always, ride safe and we’ll see you on the trails!❄️** UPDATE  ON TRAIL 49 (Soo to Kinross)- we were able to get the groomer through the beaver dam for the first time this season! Please still use caution through there as the water below the ice is a few feet  deep** Ride safe and keep the snow dances going!❄️
      • *Sault Ste. Marie to Brimley, Trail #8 – Excellent-  a few moguls due to dirt underneath, new snow is helping
      • *Brimley to Raco, Trail #8 -Excellent- may have some moguls in open areas. When going across the bridge in Brimley make sure you go with your the flow of traffic!  Blowing and drifting occurs when you first leave Brimley. Watch for trail change going south just before getting to Raco.
      • *Mission Hill trail #889 – Very Good to Excellent – some thin corners
      • *Sault Ste. Marie City Trail, Trails #497, #449, parts of #8 & #49 – Very Good – make sure to stop at the stop sign at the top of the tunnel hill and watch for other sleds and groomers! We cannot get the back up groomer up the hills at this time so please use extra caution between the airport and the tunnel! We now have a marked trail going to Chippewa Motors.  It starts once you come out of the woods east of M-129 off #449.  It comes into their parking lot from behind if you need parts or service. City curfew is from 1 am – 6 am. Remember most City streets are open to traffic 20 mph, stop at all intersections, and ride on the right hand side of street not on side walks. Watch for closed streets that are posted, mainly around the hospital, university, and state trunk lines.
      • *Sault Ste. Marie to Kinross, Trail #49 – Very Good – new snow is helping to cover the brush popping up through the trail. We got a groomer through the beaver dam on 2/2 for the first time this season. Use caution here! Also watch for drifts in the  farm fields and icy corners. Make sure you follow reroute once you cross bridge going south at 7 Mile road.
      • *Kinross loop & south to Pickford, Parts of Trail #49, #472, and #494- Good- groomer is down but we are working to her it fixed
      • *Kinross to Raco & Rudyard, Parts of trail #472 & #480- Good- groomer is down but we are working to her it fixed. There is a long stretch of road riding along Ploegstra Road before you get to the Spile Adam area where it is down to pavement.
    • Paradise: (2/22) 26 degrees this morning and cloudy. I`m sure you`ve seen all the weather reports about warming up a touch for this week. Looks like into the 30`s for highs and upper 20`s for lows but the good news is a little snow (maybe) each day. We were super busy all weekend trying to keep up with just 2 machines. Ran them almost around the clock. Hopefully the parts for the 3rd machine will show up today. We have tracked them and know they are in MI now. The factory mechanic is supposed to be here today. Once the parts are here he figures about 4 hrs and we`ll be back in business. Here`s how the trails look…….To make a long story short…..WE NEED MORE SNOW!!!!! All the groomer guys are saying the same. Some sections are good while some are thin with snow and not so good. Everybody is talking about the “potholes” showing up. We can`t do nothing with the frozen ground. We can fill in the potholes with snow but 10 sleds later they are blown out. If you`re out riding you need to be aware of this and slow down a touch! The EMS services up here also wanted me to warn you about staying off the river mouth. I see sleds crossing the river south of town. This is VERY dangerous, don`t do it!!!! Well…..all I have for today. Lets hope we can get our 3rd machine up and runnin today and we can get some snow so we can keep ridin!!! LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Groomer Chris
    • Eckerman: (2/21)  You can view LIVE Cameras on the Chippewa Snow Chasers website and go to the cameras. All our trails were groomed last night. ***Caution need to stay right ****Trail 47 to Trout Lake on power line water hole are finally frozen. But the trail from Strongs to Trout Lake is very thin and brown. Trail 472 from Rudyard is getting brown getting in and out of Rudyard.. All is well and need more snow. We will be grooming again tonight. Governor won’t let it SNOW up here yet! CAUTION*CAUTION*REMINDER:  If you hit the groomer we have to call the POLICE to have a report made out. So please move off the trail don’t try to squeeze by them. So again I want to stress we will call the POLICE.***GROOMERS CAN NOT GET OFF THE TRAIL!!! YOU NEED TO MOVE OUT OF THE GROOMERS WAY!
    • Drummond Island: (2/17) 3″ base. Trails are in fair condition. We did get about 6-8 inches of snow but we still have areas where the rocks are sticking through especially along the shore lines.The west end of the Island is always better than the east end of the Island. There was a logging operation on the quarry trail so ride with caution through there, Its pretty rough in that area from the log trucks. From Glen cove to Marblehead is not in good shape yet. We have a groomer that went down the first night of this snow storm. Parts are ordered!  On the brite side we havent seen any waterholes! Keep doing that snow dance,,,,, its been working!!
  • ​ ​Mackinac County
    • St Ignace: (2/20)  Short update tonight. Beautiful day today and a fair amount of sled traffic. Thanks to all our groomer drivers and some late night work, trails held up pretty darn good for the amount of snow we have to work with. Groomers are headed out tonight. Some snow is forecasted tomorrow night. After that snow event we will update conditions but as for now everything in our area is passable and very little to complain about.  WD
    • Curtis: (2/20) 3″ base. Fair conditions.Last night Chris groomed trail 45/457 from Curtis to Helmer-McMillan- Newberry and back. Got about an 1” on the way home and smoothed it out the best he could for the weekend. Riders are urged to use trails signs and not rely on their phones/GPS. Ride right and be safe this weekend!
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