Ironically, we are about to ask you not to do what you are doing — looking at your screen. Unplugging from your digital devices is extremely tough in our hyper-connected world. (Did you know that we all look at our phones an average of 96 times a day!) That’s why more vacationers seek places where they can disconnect from Wi-Fi and their cell phone service. Taking a digital detox vacation is rejuvenating, and it reestablishes balance in your life by reconnecting with yourself and the world around you. 

In Michigan, there are many places to detox from your addiction to digital devices, but the uncontested best place is the Upper Peninsula. Arguably, the U.P. is one of the top vacation spots to unplug in the U.S.


Why unplugging is good for you

There are several benefits to turning off your internet and phone service, even only for a few hours. Some top reasons to disconnect digitally are:

  1. Reduces your stress and anxiety. Taking a break from your electronic devices lets your mind, nerves and muscles relax.  

  2. Improves your mental and emotional health: Avoid looking at messages, the news and other stressors. Focus on your surroundings and doing activities that lift your spirits, confidence and outlook. 

  3. Strengthens relationships. Without digital distractions, it’s easier to listen to your family or traveling companions. Ask them what’s on their minds and share what is on yours. Also, talk with other travelers and locals. You can meet lots of fascinating people in the U.P.

  4. Reconnects you with Nature. Spectacular beauty, wondrous sounds, soothing quiet, fresh air, exhilarating waves, Northern Lights, mountains, valleys and forests are waiting for you. This abundant nature will encourage your creativity and well-being. 

  5. Re-energizes your productivity. Not that you are in a hurry to return to work or your routines at home, but the time away from your digital screens will give you a fresh perspective when you do go back — and a desire to return often to the U.P.

However, there will be times when you need to make digital connections in the U.P. Most of our hotels and restaurants offer Wi-Fi. In our remotest wilderness areas, cell phone service can be spotty or non-existent. Plan to make calls when you are near our larger communities. 

Customize your U.P. digital detox retreat

To inspire your digital detox trip, look through these itineraries and blogs. Or find hundreds more ideas on this website or ask locals for suggestions. Wherever you go in the U.P., you won’t miss your screen time. You will love every moment in the U.P. 


Try these four-day itineraries

Use these ideas to map where you go each day. But remember, it’s perfectly okay to stay put in one spot. Detoxing from driving is good for you, too.

Two incredible places to digital detox

Our top two places to ditch looking at your phone, laptop or tablet are in the western U.P. Find incredible adventures in the Porcupine Mountains or experience unforgettable Isle Royale National Park


Waterfalling cleanses stress

There are over 300 waterfalls in the U.P. Most are reachable on foot, and the others by boat or kayak. Our waterfalls roar to life after the spring thaw, but they are beautiful at other times of the year, too, including frozen in winter. Calm your spirit at Tahquamenon Falls and these eight must-see falls.  


Refresh hiking, biking or paddling 

One of the easiest ways to digital detox in the U.P. is on our hiking and biking trails and paddling waters. Please carry a cell phone, but fight the urge to look at messages and notifications. The surroundings are mesmerizing. 

Live in the moment on your motorcycle

We honestly can’t think of any place in the U.P. where you won’t enjoy time soloing on your cruiser or doubling up on a touring bike between May and mid-October. You will fill your day with straightaways and twisting turns riding your freedom machine. Here are seven favorite routes


Digitally detox your kids and teens

It’s not just adults who benefit from digitally detoxing — children do, too. The U.P. is Michigan’s premiere place to show your kids and teens that there is more to life than their electronic devices. 


Plan your digital detox vacation today

To make customizing your time in the U.P. easier, use this Trip Builder. We hope you will use it often in the future.